Cecilia is definitely the Farmer of the family. Strong and stubborn, she has always been passionate about physical labour and country life. She loves growing her own food and tending to farmyard animals. Since retiring, she is very involved with her grandkids. For any other task, Cecilia is like a jolly: always ready to lend a hand when needed. Other than her work, she was always involved with scouts and religious teachings.


Francesco is the worker of the family. Stubborn and very manual like his mother, he's used to little sleep and a lot of work. Raised since he was a kid around the country, he comes back to it after studying Agraria and working as an electrician. Today he's the owner of the business, he handles crops, maintenance of the vehicles and the cattle. He's very invested in the cattle farm, taking great care of theanimals and paying attention to their wellbeing and to the quality of the products.


Rodolfo, impulsive and day-dreamer, handles all the tasks from sowing to harvesting. His true passion, though, is hospitality and the Agriturismo, given his good personal relations skills. After working in Milan, Marghera and Ancona, in 1987 he decided to quit his job and fully commit to working in the cultural business, which had been handled by Cecilia thus far. Today he is retired, but he had been the President of the agri-food chain “Terre del Conero” and part of the farmers’ union.


Elena is the newest arrival. She’s the daughter of Cecilia’s cousin that was amused with the country life during the holidays, which she used to spend at her aunt’s with her sister. After her bachelor degree she decides to move from Padova to Ancona to manage the Agriturismo, with the help of her relatives and taking hints from her tourism studies. She also enjoys helping with the “farm” sometimes, and hopes one day to implement her business with a stable or shelter for stray animals.