The family



Rodolfo is the cornerstone of the family and the company. He is impulsive and a dreamer, and he loves the farm work. For the company he deals with all different tasks ranging from sowing to harvest, but above all he loves to relate to people. La sua vera passione è the agritourism, and he deals with its administration, the welcomes and he takes care of the guests. He knows the area and he's generous with advice and anecdotes of the site.

After working in Milan, Marghera and Ancona, in 1987, driven by a passion for agriculture, he decides to quit his job and devote himself to farming, that, until then, was Ceciclia's occupation. Since then the company has expanded, in terms both of size and assets. From about twenty hectares , of worked lands, they more than doubled that today; many new structures have been built, and the production of many stocks has been expanded, including legumes and honey.

Currently, Rodolfo is the president of the food industry Terre del Conero and he takes part in the farmers' union.



Cecilia is certainly the most peasant of the family. She is tenacious and stubborn and has always been a huge fan of countryside and physical work: She loves manufactories and to get her hands dirty. Within the company she mainly deals with the animals of her farmyard and her garden, also keeping the house together and dealing with the cleaning of ’agriturismo’s apartments. Cecilia is like a jolly, for every other work: she is always ready to lend a hand to Francesco and Rodolfo when they need it.

Her decision to get into farming happened right after beginning the course of Agrarian University. She knew that wasn’t the right path for her. So she decided to leave Bologna and her studies and set up an agricultural company starting with a small herd of rabbits. The rest It'is history.

In addition to her country life, Cecilia has been active for years as a scouts leader and teaching sundays school at her church.



Francesco is the worker of the family. He is stubborn too and very practical, He is used to sleeping just a little and accomplish large amounts of work. Within the company, he is responsible for the maintenance of vehicles and for the cattle’s breeding , as well as having responsibility in the agricultural part with Rodolfo. The breeding is what needs more attention, He likes to feed and care for the animals and follow their growth.

Before devoting himself full time to the countryside, he studied Agriculture for a few years and worked as an electrician at the Fincantieri shipyard in Ancona. Having grown up in the countryside, closed to the agricultural work, He has always helped with the small daily chores. So, when his work took him away from the daily reality of the company, he understood he missed it. That's why he decided to devote himself entirely to ground work.

Currently he owns a farming company and he’s a member of a farmers' cooperative; He is part of a Scouts group and practice flag football.