Our share in the grain processing products Terre del Conero, a food chain promoted by some local farms to ensure quality e provenance Product. Only we sow wheat varieties “QM“, Quality guaranteed by Marche, and we produce two qualities: durum wheat, for the production of pasta, and wheat, with which is made the pane. The grain processing is classic: after sowing and rolled on the ground in November, the grain is threshed in the summer months and delivered to collection centers that carry out milling to obtain flour.

packet of pasta produced by the conero lands



Chickpeas and lentils

The chickpea and lentil crops are very similar, and they are perfect for our area, being the land around Mount Conero calcareous, poor and dry. Chickpeas are those who sow varieties “Pasha”, too, along with lentils, Certified QM. Processing begins in March with planting, continues in May with the weeding and is completed in August, when legumes are threshed, sausages and clean. There remains then that manufacture them and are ready for sale and consumption.

package production chickpeas own



Within our production can not miss the oil. We produce about four quintals per year, we sell mostly to the guests of the, in bottles of various sizes. We have two hectares of olive trees plus some olive spread in our land. Collect olive a novembre, and we bring to grind in a frantorio area. Once ready, the oil is shown here on the farm where we provide to bottle it and label it.

bottle of oil of its own production


Beekeeping is an activity that we are passionate about and we are very proud. Collection, processing and packaging of the honey take place entirely in company. We have a local manufacturing and supply authorized individually to all the operations necessary. The management of the api and collecting honey require care and dedication. After invernato bees during the colder months, with the arrival of spring we open the hives and feed them with solutions of water and honey (or sugar water) to strengthen families. After, We divide the bees in the preparation of the collection phase, which begins with the fiuritura. After, insert the supers in hives, ie structures where it will be deposited honey, and wait until the summer, when it occurs smielatura. The honey is extracted from the boxes of eggs, that are inside of the supers, and rested, so as to come to the surface impurities. At this point, we honey ready for consumption, It just has invasettarlo and label. At our company we produce mostly acacia honey e millefiori (brand QM), all it obtained in hives immersed in the countryside, and far from roads and pollutants.

jars of honey