from the Stone House

stone house- external

This is the house where we have been living for many years. It's a big farmhouse which is located at the end of the road that, from upper parking Portonovo, leads to the interior. The house is in a secluded but easily accessible spot, located in the countryside and surrounded by colorful cultivated hills and lots of flora, giving the visitors an amazing, stunning panorama. With a short walk you get to the trail leading to the beach Mezzavalle or to the bus stop going down to the Bay of Portonovo. But from here it’s also easy to start paths to the fields or in the surrounding woods for short trips. Around the house there is a big yard where Argo and Circe, our Jack Russell Terrier, fool around friendly and always ready to play. You can lie down on comfortable recliners in front of the house or in the backyard, in the shadows of a towering old oak tree, that overlooks the surroundings. This house is the head center of our business, where you can find all the tools, a vegetable garden and many animals: including sheep, calves, chickens, turkeys and rabbits.

We call it from the Stone House because of the engraved stones on the facade, that are dated back to 1865, year when this house was built. Its construction must have taken place in three stages, as the central part is composed of a sandstone tender, looking alike to tuff, which comes from a pit in the area of Camerano that was extinguished in the late 19th century. The left part, (when looking at the facade), instead, was added in a second time and it’s made of stone from the Conero, as well as the right part, although the right one was built later on. A well known family of the area, the Giovagnoni, has lived in this house for many years. Their family consisted of more than twenty people and were sharecroppers of this farm for over one hundred years. Since it was considered a very large estate at the time, the house was known as well as “the house of “big Giovagnò”.

Recently we hosted the cast and troupe from ““Nothing can stop us” ” while shooting some footage for the fiction.

From 2017 It is no longer available to the farm; It remains the owners' house and the place where you can buy the company's products.

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