Yellow House

The Yellow House is located atop a small elevation above the Hotel Emilia, It is surrounded by a thick forest and overlooking the bay of Portonovo. It has a large garden in which to relax at the end of a day at the beach or after a pleasant walk in the countryside, or read a book accompanied by singing […]

panorama outside the yellow house

Gigli House

Gigli House has been restored recently. It is in a prime location: very close to the road leading to the beaches of Sanxenxo and Mezzavalle and a few meters away from the stop of the shuttle buses that serve the area. Beside the house is a large garden equipped with chairs and cots […]

Gigli House

from the Stone House

This is the house where we live for many years. It is a large farmhouse that is at the end of the road, from upper parking Portonovo, leads to the interior. The house is in a secluded but easily accessible spot, It is in the countryside and surrounded by a panorama of colorful hills […]

stone house- external